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Premium Donut Dog Bed

Premium Donut Dog Bed

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XS: diameter 20in. (dog weight 4-10 lbs)
S: diameter 24in. (dog weight 11-19 lbs)
M: diameter 28in. (dog weight 20-40 lbs)
L: diameter 31in. (dog weight 40-60 lbs)
XL: diameter 39in. (dog weight 60-85 lbs)

Ergonomic Design: raised rim for dogs who love to sleep curled up in a ball. It provides head and neck support as well as some extra warmth.

Lightweight: this pet bed is so lightweight and it is suitable for travel. Pack it into your travelling bag and you are good to go, perfect for a short trip!

Easy Care: suitable to be washed in a washing machine and a dryer. Use cold water for washing and tumble-dry on low heat. 

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