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HarnessBuddy Car Seat Belt Attachment

HarnessBuddy Car Seat Belt Attachment

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Note: If you require multiple HarnessBuddy harnesses with different sizes or colors for your dogs, kindly add the first harness to the cart, then return to this page to add the second harness. Repeat this process until you have all the harnesses added to cart.

Adjustable Length : up to 19" (48cm)

Seat Belt Width : 1" / 2.5cm

How to use : Clip one end of the seat belt onto your pet's HarnessBuddy. Secure the other end into a seat belt slot like you would a regular seat belt.

With its adjustable length, there will be enough room for your dog to sit, lay down, or stand.

Warning : DO NOT attach the seat belt to a dog's collar, SERIOUS injuries may occur, only use the seat belt attachment on a harness.


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